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Where am I (Wami) is a Windows Mobile application suite written using .NET Compact Framework 3.5 that tells you where you are in the middle of a trip, without GPS and without connecting to the internet, using cell broadcast and cell tower information and a pre-recorded route file instead. It works by recording cell broadcast and tower information along a route into a route file and then using the current cell broadcast/tower information to index into the route file and find out the relative location within the route and ETA of arrival at destination.

  1. Use cell tower id in addition to cell broadcast
  2. Load route files from RouteLogger directly into Wami, without editing them on a PC
  3. Auto SMS Response - Have Wami automatically respond to SMS requests with location and ETA information.
  4. Location Based Alarm - Have Wami play a sound file when time to destination becomes less than a configured value or when a particular location group is reached.

wamidescribe.png    RouteLoggerScreen.png


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